Verbatim Europe Newsroom | Optical Media http://www.verbatim-europe.com Visit Verbatim Europe Newsroom for latest news, press releases, videos and other featured stories. en Sun, 29 May 2016 19:06:22 GMT Copyright (C) 2016 Verbatim Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Verbatim Europe Verbatim introduces 100GB Blu-ray recordable discs in Europe Eschborn, Germany – October 1, 2012 – Verbatim is launching a Blu-ray Disc™ to run on BDXL™-compatible readers and writers with a super-sized 100GB of storage capacity – four times higher than storage on a standard recordable Blu-ray Disc. http://www.verbatim-europe.com 31/08/12 12:00:00 GMT No Category Verbatim Blu-ray BD-R LTH Type 25GB with 6x speed High Definition recording with Verbatim´s new Blu-ray LTH in less than 15 minutes London, 18 May 2011 – In the optical storage media sector, Verbatim is presenting its new Blu-ray 6x BD-R LTH Type with AZO technology. It offers 25GB of storage capacity with a 6x burning rate. It will also be available in a version with a wide printable surface as far as the inner ring. It is suitable for recording films in high definition, backing up large amounts of data and the long-term archiving of photos and videos. The new Verbatim Blu-ray BD-R LTH Type 25GB 6x is now available in stores. http://www.verbatim-europe.com 19/05/11 12:00:00 GMT No Category High Definition Recording with Verbatim’s new Blu-ray Dual Layer 50GB rewritable up to 1000 time Verbatim’s new BD-RE DL 2X offers 50GB capacity, making it ideal for day-to-day backup, beta-testing for video and software applications or short-term recording for home video and and video content for professional broadcast. The Hardcoat Scratch Guard protects against scratches fingerprints, dust, oil and water, and the proven SERL technology (Super Eutectic Recording Layer) ensures excellent recording compatibility and excellent rewritability up to 1000 times. With this additional new BD-RE DL 50GB 2X, Verbatim is now offering all Blu-ray formats available on the market. The new Blu-ray disc is available in stores now in a 5 Pack Jewel Case. http://www.verbatim-europe.com 11/02/11 12:00:00 GMT No Category Verbatim persists with floppy disk Egham, UK, 4th May 2010 – Almost 30 years after the 3.5-inch disk’s launch in 1981, the floppy remains a widespread data storage medium despite the advent of powerful rivals such as the CD and USB stick. According to the market leader Verbatim’s own figures, European sales totalled around 50 million units in 2009, with demand especially strong in Eastern Europe and the CIS states. In 2010 the floppy is still used in a wide range of applications as it is especially easy to use to store small amounts of data and is also cheap. The large installed base of floppy disk drives means that the floppy continues to be used in home and professional spheres, including authorities and industry (e.g. machine control, keyboards). Accordingly, demand remains steady. http://www.verbatim-europe.com 04/05/10 12:00:00 GMT No Category